Sunday, September 20, 2015

Reason A Colburn

My fourth great-grandfather, Reason A. Colburn was born 4 September 1836 in Alabama. His parentage is thought to be John Colburn and Susan Blankenship, but I have not found any proof of this relationship yet.

On 8 February 1859, Reason married Elizabeth Catherine Wyers. Together, they had at least the following children:
  • James A. Colburn
  • John H. Colburn
  • Jerrie L. Colburn
  • Nancy Kizzie Colburn
  • Thomas J. Colburn
  • David L. Colburn
  • Mary M. S. Colburn
The more I look into this man, the less I think I know about him. There seem to be several men with the name of Reason Colburn living in Alabama around the time he was. There was my fourth great-grandfather, there was another man about the same age who married a Polly Ann Carter, and there was a man born about 1805.

At least one of the Reasons served in the Confederate States Army in the Alabama Infantry. My ancestor fought (at least) with the 40th Alabama Infantry, Company D, according to his tombstone. There are also records for a Reason Colburn serving with the 28th Alabama Infantry, Company A. While the services in both units spans similar timelines, the two have gaps in places the other helps to fill. So there is a possibility the same man served in both companies.

More work will need to be done to completely rule out my Reason's involvement with the 28th Infantry, but I'll leave that for another post.


Sunday, September 6, 2015

1910 Randolph County Census clip from "The Heritage of Randolph County, North Carolina"

This is a repost of a post I did in my Randolph County Connections blog. I still haven't had a chance to double-check all of these names for information on their service, but until then, here it is.

The following is an excerpt from "The Heritage of Randolph County, North Carolina" book located in the Randolph Room in the Asheboro, Randolph County, Library. It is an uncredited article entitled "1910 Federal Census, Randolph County" located on Page 124 of Volume II of the series.
Photo of the spine and call number of the book at the Randolph Room
At a future date, I hope to go through this list of names and provide more information on any of the men I can and resolve some of the "?" the author has inserted in some of their names and ages. Misspellings and "?" are inserted as the author of the article inserted them, however, I have recreated the list in a bulleted fashion and added the word "age" for clarification for each person.

"Most, but not all, of the following persons were too young to have served in the Confederate States Armed Forces, but the 1910 Randolph County Census stated that they had given service to the Confederacy.  All but two of these men were from the East Franklinville Township, with the remaining two being from Tabernacle Township.  Following each person's name is his age as given in the 1910 Census.  This was 45 years after the War ended.  The names are as follows:

East Franklinville Township:
  • James N. Allred, age 60
  • Murphy Allred, age 50
  • William A. ? Allred, age 53
  • William E. Allred, age 51
  • Cicero H. Bean, age 53
  • George H. Black, age 60
  • John F. Brewer, age 55
  • Mathew G. Brice ?, age 58
  • Alfred J. Brower, age 49
  • John H. Burrow, age 53
  • Brison H. Cheek, age 57
  • George C. Cox, age 60
  • James Davis, age 50
  • Duncan Dove ?, age 57
  • James W. Ellison, age 57
  • Joseph M. Ellison, age 58
  • Thomas M. Ellison, age 59
  • Harris Foust, age 55-56 ?
  • Milton W. Free, age 57
  • Solomon E. Free, age 51
  • Solomon H. Free, age 59
  • Alfred Graves, age 50
  • Jebes ? T. Hardin, age 51
  • John R. Hayes, age 58
  • William J. Hobson, age 56
  • Emons Holder, age 55
  • Franklin C. Holliday, age 55
  • Charles R. Hurley, age 50
  • Jacob Ivy, age 55
  • Thomas M. Jennings, age 54
  • William H. Jennings, age 50
  • James F. Johnson, age 53
  • Charles F. Jones, age 50
  • George M. Jones, age 60
  • George H. Kinney, age 50
  • George A. Laughlin, age 52
  • Scott Lineberry, age 52
  • John A. McKinnon, age 50
  • John C. Maner, age 51
  • John P. Marable, age 54
  • Avry ? V.? Marley, age 51
  • Elias Moon, age 52
  • William J. Moore, age 60
  • Enoch Pugh, age 59
  • Felix Pugh, age 57
  • Isaac H. Pugh, age 58
  • Willard F. Pugh, age 59
  • Alexander H. Redding, Sr., age 53
  • John W. Reeves, age 52
  • George Richardson, age 50
  • Alfred W. Riddle 57
  • William Z. ROuth, age 57
  • Giles Smith, age 53
  • Lanson ? A. Snider, age 59
  • John M. Tippett, age 51
  • William H. Tippett, age 52
  • Cicero L. Trogden, age 52
  • Cicero S. Trogden, age 50
  • George M. ? Trogden, age 52
  • Abram Ward, age 60
  • David M. Weatherly, age 57
  • Daniel H. West, age 54
  • John Williamson, age 52
  • Jessie York, age 51
Tabernacle Township:
  • Franklin T. Gordon, age 60
  • John C. Hoover, age 60
  • "The Heritage of Randolph County, North Carolina; Volume II" (accessed at the Randolph Room, Asheboro Branch, Randolph County Library)