Sunday, July 26, 2015

James C. Campbell

While investigating my fourth great-grandfather James Columbus Campbell's involvement in the Civil War, I managed to gather a lot of information about a different James C. Campbell than my own. This is his story.

On 5 August 1861, James joined the Confederate States Army as a Private. He registered in Danielsville, Georgia with Captain Montgomery for the duration of the War. He fought with Company D of the 16th Georgia Infantry. It doesn't seem as though James saw much action though. He appears in more hospital records than anything else during his time in the military.
Taken from Service Records
In August of 1862, this record states he has Rheumatism.
Taken from Service Records
After that, he bounced around to a number of hospitals in Virginia. Chimborazo Hospital No. 5 in Richmond, an unnamed hospital in Scottsville, General Hospital No. 9 in Richmond

On 12 December 1862, James was admitted to the Confederate States Army General Hospital in Charlottesville, Virginia. This time, it seems he was shot in the right leg.
Taken from Service Records
As with my own James Campbell, the primary disease listed is "Vuln Sclo. R. leg," which stands for "Vulnus Sclopeticum in the Right leg." Vulnus Sclopeticum, again, means "relating to a wound caused by a gunshot wound."
Closeup of "Primary Disease"
Taken from Service Records
I was able to find out some more information on his leg injury. According to the McLaw's Division List of Casualties from before Fredricksburg, James was listed as being wounded seriously in the leg. This makes me curious where in the leg he was injured and if it developed into a limp or other handicap later in life.
Taken from Service Records
James was furloughed from 5 March 1863 to 20 August 1863 due to his leg injury.
In September 1863, he is listed as being paid for his service again. He is again listed as being paid for service in November 1863.
Taken from Service Records
From May through August 1864, however, he is listed as being absent from the war first due to being on a furlough then as being absent without leave. In regards to the furlough, it states he was wounded at Front Royal, Virginia. I eventually found him back at General Hospital No. 9 in September 1864.
Taken from Service Records
I wonder what happened to James during those four months before he ended up back in the Richmond hospital. Did he try deserting? Was he merely trying to evade capture? Was he injured somewhere and unable to find needed help? I don't know if I will ever find out the answers to those questions, but I like to think he continued to fight to the best of his ability during that time, even if it wasn't "with" the 16th GA Infantry.


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