Friday, February 13, 2015

Welcome to Civil War Souls!

I love studying American history, particularly American Revolutionary War history and US Civil War history. I find the men and women, who "sacrificed their lives and fortunes" to create a country they loved, incredibly fascinating. When you look up these wars through various resources, however, we often lose sight of the individual men and women who fought, gave aid, or were the most affected by the ongoing struggle. I wanted to create a site for those people.

This site, in particular, will focus on the men and women who were involved in the United States Civil War. I will strive to highlight each individual soldier or person's experience and the personal effect the War had on them and the lives of their family. I will provide all relevant source documentation used.

And, please! If you, the reader, have anything to add to my post(s), photos, personal stories passed down through your own family, I'd love to hear them! Comment below on the related post, or send me an email. I hope this will be an ever-evolving site and will serve to honor these various men and women, no matter which cause they supported.

If you are interested in Revolutionary War history, check out my other site Patriots Remembered. That site has a similar focus as this site, taking a look at the lives of individual soldiers of the Revolution, but it has an added feature of assisting future Daughters of the American Revolution members complete their applications (or assisting existing members complete supplemental applications).

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